A1 assesor course, anyone done it?

Question:Is anyone doing or done a a1 assessor course, im starting mine in September, what should I exempt and do I only choose one area of subject or could I assess all areas across the board?
Eg, care, retail etc…

i have no idea,

The A1 Assessor Award is not too difficult - but there is a huge amount of bureaucracy to go through. All the t's need to be crossed and all the i's need to be dotted. Are you currently working as a teacher or a trainer? If not, then choose a subject that is related to your work area and that you would like to be qualified to train.

It's a good course to go onto, if you want a future as an assessor or a trainer. But, at the end of the day, it is only a piece of paper to say that you can do it. I found my City & Guilds teacher training courses far more use. The TDLB units are, in my opinion, a waste of time - but vital for employers if you want to be offered that job!!

Best of luck!
You should choose what your background is. I have my A awards in hospitality as i have loads of experience in that area... good luck!

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