Acceptance & ACT anxieties! Help!?

Question:About to enter my senior year of high school. I have a 3.9 GPA and am taking AP classes and rigorous academic courses. I also take part in things like the national honors society, band/marching band, was formally the co-captain of the varsity dance team and am treasurer two years running for the school's Key Club-BUT- I freak out over standardized tests and have only achieved a 23 on the ACT after two tries! I'm not looking to get accepted in to Harvard or anything but I'm freaking out about being accepted to my school of choice and scholarships. Should I retake the ACT? Does anyone have any suggestions for me or my anxiety?

My friend was the exact same way! She had a 4.2 GPA [[took many honors and AP classes]] she was in all sorts of honor programs and graduated with Magma *** laude -- but she couldn't get any higher than a 24 on the ACT. She still got into the college of her dreams and received all kinds of scholarships. Your GPA is high enough and the college admission council knows your kind. You are not the first person to struggle with standardized tests. They know you are bright, dedicated and studious. That is what your GPA says about you. You shouldn't have any problem getting into the college of your choice.

Some people do better with standardized tests than others. People learn differently, test differently and read questions differently. Everyone has anxiety their senior year. It's the beginning of an end. Take it from a last year senior, everything works out. It is the absolute best year of your high school career.

Have a great year, stay focused and avoid the senioritis!

Retake the ACT and make sure you study. Buy books from Barnes & Nobles or Amazon that help you prepare. They also have practice ACT tests too. All should help you raise your score.
What score is the "school of choice" looking for. Go to college and look at some schools. They will show you the average SAT & ACT scores. You will then have an idea of where you stand. Many schools (not harvard, yale, etc). look for an average SAT of between 21 &23 - 26... Did you take the SAT and how did you do? Go over some sample tests and get ready to take it again in October.

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