AP music theory books?!?

Question:Okay, so I'll be a freshmen this fall, and I'm taking AP Music Theory. We got a summer packet of homework, and actually it's pretty challenging for me. I wasn't expecting it to be quite that difficult. So I need like some books that are helpful for AP Music Theory, ( the classs anddd the test) I need books not really websites thoughh.

I already have this book:http://www.amazon.co.uk/essential-dictio...

And I was wondering if this book would help:http://www.amazon.co.uk/essential-dictio...

Thanks so muchhhhhhh :)

Dude get every book you can. I took that last year and it is hell... It is so damn hard, I got a A in the class but it was because of these Practice Journals. I failed both of the tests. Study up man. You should know Rhymthic Dictation and all your Intervals by ear. That was the hardest. And if the packet of homework was hard, your in for hell this year. The packets are supposed to be a reminder of what you already know not a lesson on how to do it.

Good Luck!

Stick with it study and get better. Try to get together with a friend in the class or an upperclassmen but I know that is embarassing the first year. This is coming from a guy who was a freshman last year.
First, take your materials to your applied instrument teacher and see if s/he can help you!

College board has plenty of APMT materials for sale:

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