Can i sucessful man or not.any chance for go wat time i go there?when i get job?m i lucky person?

Question:i m btech.2year name is vivek kumar my date of birth is 01-09-1985 at time a day i got accedent?any worng in my future?

4 heaven's sake,4get this 'Luck'/'Fortune' crap and giv life ur best shot man.
buddy u asked this question in wrong category u should have asked this in horoscopes, well i m not a palmist but i think i can answer this u have to furnish some more information like your place of birth and your family background, add this details to your question may be i can help u out.
No one knows your future except for God, you have to work hard and try to achieve what you want...
If you want to go to a different country just apply for a student visa...
Definitely you will become. Have patience. Each person has a definite career that is created for him only. Nothing wrong in your future. Keep fit by balanced diet each four hours, exercise and regular studies.Avoid late night. Practise a music instrument with your studies. That will help to increase the concentration. Have confidence. Attempt to pull high grades in college exams to your best.
hi Vivek Kumar,

You are worrying about your life!! It a nature of law. When we are adult, must be thinking about how our future is? Let me tell you about story
“A young man wants to date and get married to a girl. But he afraid of what will take to her, her parent, costing… as a result when he gets married”
I mean that we must face with the truth, and need go as more as possible. When go to many places, you will study more and more about living, love, behavior, working…. From strangers, but no one is strangers, only you are stranger when you don’t know how to communication, discovering is the way to study to live and get experience for your future
Are you a lucky man? Yes all of us are lucky person, because we were born in this world, a peace world, no war now….i like discover new places in my country Vietnam, after all be a aboard...
A job, it’s easy to find them soon….

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