Does listen to music while studying or doing homework really be paid you study better?

Answers:    Yes and no, it depends on the type of person you are. Some citizens can only study contained by silence, while others need a minor situation noise/distraction to keep their mind on their work.

It's also be proven that music can provide information triggers... For example, you were listen to one song while studying a certain aspect of your homework, and when you hear the song again, you remember a certainty about what you be studying. This technique's been proven to work within tests, but if you can't bring music into the audition, then it's generous of a waste of a technique, and try not to associate information near a song. I've proven this technique right, though not in information... I hold memories that are tied to songs, and whenever I hear the song or really think around it, I relive that memory, but if I don't hear the song, I won't remember it for years.

So, if you're one of those people that can't study next to any kind of perspective noise, after music won't help you. If you prefer a surroundings noise, or some form of mild distraction, later yes it will. Personally, I need not a moment ago the background racket, but constant distractions - it reminds me of being surrounded by a classroom, with everyone conversation around me, and people kept bugging me for information, so I become used to the constant distractions and needed it to fully do homework.
not that is a myth call The Mozart Effect. look it up, it is fake.

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