Can elementary students in Peru study in the U.S.A.?

Question:My two sisters who live in Peru are seven and nine. They are both good students in a private school. I was wondering if there is a way to have them study a year or so in the states. Would I have to make them apply for a student visa, or are they too young to do so. Any informantion is appreciated, thanks.

Unfortuantly it's not that easy. They are definatly to young for a student visa. That is only college level and the collegae actually has to request that's out. As to the school part anyone can enroll in a us public school all you need is their birth certificate, but of course I don't know how you'd get them in the country. If you solicit them as your siblings the wait is quite long for US citizens about 10 years..If u r a permanent resident the wait could be endless. If they are coming as a tourist well you know the drill only 90 days and they have to leave the country.
To attend a public school, their parents or guardians would have to live in the immediate area of the school. I'm sure there are some good boarding schools -- private schools and quite expensive -- that would accept them, but I can't recommend any particular one.
I'm sure that there are boarding schools in the U.S. they can attend, although at that age, I don't know of any off hand.

Otherwise, they should wait until they are in high school and do a formal exchange program.

Besides, seven and nine is just too little for them to leave home and go that far away.

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