Can you support me in education?

Question:Dear madam Tyra,
Am Musau Victor from Uganda,Eastern region.I love education very much,but my parents have ran short of my suppor to the education to the university so i did not continue yet its a key to life.I believe i can make however I am taken to finish it from,thanks very much.

Get a job, thats what I do, and I am a full time student.
You can do it, get a job or adk help form your friends there... so that htye can help you.

Good luck! Ihope u can still continue to study if that's the desire of your heart.
Get a job, work full-time, and go to school full-time. That is my reality, your welcome to it as well.
No Madam Tyra here ... looks to me like this is another scam.
I teach at the University of Toronto. Here the African Students Union at UofT often helps students with bursaries/scholarships etc. etc. to continue their studies..both here and abroad. You might get in touch with them to see what they have to offer.

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