A-Level help?

Question:I just got my results and i have a B in chemistry a C in maths and an AAA in Biology, French and Greek. I really want to study medicine but i dont know if my results are good enough and definately want to go to the Uk. Do i have a chance of being accepted? I plan to decline my maths is that a good idea? Where to apply so that i have more of a chance for being accepted?

i think somebody is asking for some praise here
Why cant you study medicine in your own country?

missyqaballiot - and I'm sure with a name like yous you live in a mud hut in the deepest darkest Africa!
Ridiculous really isn't it?
i didnt know other countries did A levels

you really let yourself down not getting straight As

i thought they gave them away for fun these days
Never decline your maths. I think you have a change of being accepted. I do not have any idea where you can apply this thing so that you can have more chance for being accepted.
Wow, your results are good. congratulations. There's no harm in applying becuase they may just accept you but I personally would not decline maths coz it's a excellent subject to have, come over, we're not all as nasty as 'cutie' (you know with that name, she must be ugly as sin in reality!)
I'd think twice before going off to study medicine - it really isn't all it's cracked up to be. Do you really want to listen to people whinging on for the rest of your working life?

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