Good study abroad programs and universities in Germany/Austria?

Question:I plan to study abroad to Germany in a year, though I am also considering Austria. I am trying to figure out some good study abroad programs that include the arts, humanities, and social sciences, as well as not being too financially draining. My main goal is to become as close to fluent in German as I can get while I'm there, besides soaking the culture. I will be intermediate/advanced in German by the time I go there and don't care what area of the country I'm in. Also, what are some good universities in Germany?

You don't say if you are in high school, or in college.

HS: check out

College: You should find out what programs are approved through your university, so your credits will transfer. I studied at Uni-Heidelberg, through the American Junior Year at Heidelberg program (also through Heidelberg College, Tiffin OH). Really excellent program.

There are also good programs in Freiburg and Tuebingen, from what I've heard.

If you don't want to transfer credits, consider taking classes at the Goethe Institut.

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