Can I attend another university?

Question:I am starting the last year of my highchool program.However, there is an offer that I can attend a university of design to study my Fashion Designing and I really really wanna go for it (It means I won't finish my highchool program). After I finish my Bachelor of Design, can I study a different university and different major like Marketing or Business? (while most of the university in American or Europe require a Highschool-finished international student) SOS please help me! Thank you very much!

In America, in most schools you need to have finished high school. they will look at your plans as he / she dropped out of high school for a fashion design cirriculum . changes mind and decides to be sensible and get a business degree. what is your career goal / where do you want to work / what do you want to do ?

figure out where you want to end up in the end and then you map out how you get there what classes / experiences you need to get you where you want to go .

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