I am not getting motivated enough to study?

Question:Help guys i need advice on how to get myself to study and when i do how do i keep the info locked in. I know sounds stupid but i have tried everything does anyone know any good techniques

Hey! I know how you feel. Studying is one of my worst activities. Here is how I get it done:
1. I always make sure the area is well lit. To much darkness can cause TIREDNESS.

2. Study in chunks.
I normally study for 20 minutes at a time then take a 5 minute water break. This helps retain information.

3. Don't study on an empty stomach. Always have a piece of fruit and some protein to help you concentrate.

4. Get a study buddy. Studying with a friend is a lot more fun than by yourself. just don't get sidetracked.

I promise that this is an efficient and simple way for you to study better!

Think about this equation:

no study time + laziness = no success for you
Music off, TV off, cell phone off and concentrated study for an hour at a time. Then 15 minutes off and another hour of just studying. Quiz yourself. Ask yourself what the last chapter was about and what the important points in it were. If you don't know, go through it again.

If you can't do that, let having to learn this next question be your motivation. "Would you like fries with that?"
You've got to want to learn. If you are studying subjects you're not interested in and find difficult then that's not going to help. So, first of all - are you studying what you want to; are there any other options? If you have no option, then to help motivation you need to look ahead. What are your short term and long term goals? Write them down. Put them on the wall in front of you when you're studying. Give yourself goals and award yourself treats when you meet them.

For helping you to learn - listen to background music(something without words so you don't sing along!). This will help your concentration. Don't study for too long at a time - start with half an hour and build up to no more than an hour.
A while back, I got into self-hypnoses and meditation (I know, it sounds a bit 'spiritual' and 'hippie', but it really did work for me). This really helped me to concentrate better and retain knowledge. If you're out of other options, give it a try.
Good luck
Just think about the difference which education makes between illiterate and an educated person.If you think the knowledge which you obtain by studying and the confidence which is built up to discuss about your knowledge then you will be motivated and try to study by taking interest but dont take the view that you have to study.Interest in education is the key thing to enlighten your mind.
just turn the tv off and put some music on instead. open a book and learn. if you can't get interested in the subject that you have chosen then maybe you need to have a long hard think about what you have chosen and if you have made a mistake in chosing it.

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