Can anybody tell me, how can I (albanian) study for a master in England?Is there any scholarship or support?

Question:I study tourism and perhaps i finish the last and third year in the winter. The title atfter my studies here in Albania is "bachelor". Total credits of my studies are 180 ETCS.
Thank you in advance.

Yes ask the Albanian government to support your further studies in the UK or any other EU country.
I'm afraid England is completely inappropriate to your needs.
There are many ways of support and scholarship for example if you wnted to take a distance learning degree around£2,900 at many colleges in London University go to or E
Oxford Univ. is at If you read their prospectus you'll find the richer colleges are very generous with scholarships and help.
Also for an excellent Education I recommend (Very inexpensive)Birkbeck,Univ. of London at

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