Entry requirement for dentistry in germany?

Question:i am from the UK(but not native) and cant pay the UK universities fees. I want to apply to Germany for dentistry(its better and less costly!).

What is the typical entry requirement in terms of academic grades(high school grades) like for eg. AAA in a-levels in the UK?? what is it for dentistry in Germany? do they have a-levels?? please help.

((((I am able to fund myself for Germany study!)))))

in germany they have numbers for their grades i.g 1 = A, 2 = B. but a german student must complete the gymnasium (grammar school) and leave when they are 19 after die Oberstuffe (6th form). yes they must get good grades to get in with their Abitur (not sure if i have spelt that right, but it is the german equvellent of a-level)

i have heard though, to practise dentistry in the UK, you need to study it in the UK as well.
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First you should be fluent in German. Dentistry is subject to the central admissions procedure (Numerus clausus). Check this from your chosen university. Dentistry is not so difficult and very promising profession. My bf is a dentist and he graduated as magna cumlaude from this univ they charge around €500 per sem tuition fee. http://www.uni-erlangen.org/internationa...

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