Foreign exchange student to Japan?

My name is Richard Paul McDowelI I live surrounded by Meridian Mississppi and attend Northwest Jr. High
I am 16 years of age. I (who lives in the United States of America) aspiration to do a foreign exchange to Tokyo Japan.
I want this with adjectives my heart. I have considered necessary it since i was totally young. Though i own forgotten my first reason to want to travel to Japan, I still want to with my adjectives my heart. I am in the 9th title. I havent all ways made fitting grades until I started the 9th grade. But immediately I am doing very biddable. I am also learning how to speak Japanese. I havent started on writing nonetheless. Now for the question. I dont know alot roughly speaking how foreign exhchange works. I want it by the 11th grade sooner but no later than the 12th title for thats the end of dignified school. I obligation to know how I can be a foreign exchange student and how it works and what I need to do. I hold another problem. If i am able to do it, I hold to be with a japanese clan who are Jehovah Witnesses.
Can any one help me?

Answers:    Richard,
I could give support to you until I got to the terminate. About placing you with a household that's Jehovah Witness, that could be a big problem.
I would suggest that you speak with your glorious school counselor. He or she will be capable of give you information on foreign exchange student programs that operate surrounded by your school. You will necessitate to ask one if you can be specifically placed with a Jehovah's Witness loved ones.
The other alternative is to speak with your church elder and see if they have something inside the church that can help you. Be aware, if it's not a well-known program (listed on the list) your school may not contribute you credit for your exchange year.
For general information on one an exchange student, you can also check out this website:
Good luck!

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