Do american citizens studying in italy have access to the italian health care services?

Question:I'm an american citizen and I study in Italy. I have all my documents and permit in order, I have my "permesso di soggiorno per motivo di studio" which is like the italian green card but it is only to study. I tried to enroll to the health care system and they told me that I do not have the right because I am an American citizen, that if I was Tunisian or Romanian I would, basically, I was born in a third world country I would have full access. I asked in some other offices and they say I DO have the right. It seems like no one really knows for sure the answer. If anyone of you guys know if there's an agreement or have been in the same situation I would really appreciate your help.

I have tried to research this myself for you but can find no definitive answers.

I would contact the U.S Embassy/Consulate in your location directly. I have provided the website with all of the relevant information below.

The second link below is a list of 'English-speaking professionals' (Doctors and Hospitals) who also may be able to assist you but the Embassy should be the first port of call.
Italy is part of the European Union, and if you were a resident of any of the countries in the EU, then you would have access. Otherwise health insurance is generally arranged by an employer or whatever program has brought a student over. Is there a director or coordinator of your program in the U.S. that you could contact? Or your insurance company from the U.S.? I lived in the EU recently, and my employer arranged private coverage for me before I went.

In the past when I've gone to Europe, I attended a language school, and bought coverage from them for a fraction of what COBRA costs in the States.

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