Alright tell me which one should i choose and WHY?

Question:go india and study enggineering in cheap,,
study hard now and get admission here in singapore for engineering,,and do a job here,first 3 yrs after my degree (as per the agreement),,
study in usa or canada which is costly but easy way to get a job there,,

help me choose only one of them,,

hi kedar
if u r very ambitious in achieving u r goals then u need to leave all sentiments .(i.e, family♥).
now think with broad sense which one aid u bright future.
*if u bother about money & choose india u may loose luxurious life (consider cost of living with u r salary attained after u r study)
*if u choose singapore & agree for agreement u will be out of u r freedom with u r work & need to loose any other good opertunities.
*if u study in us/canada then get into job over their it will be great thing .
♦u get good salary
♦good name & fame in u r native place
♦attain citizen ship (if possible)
♦with amarica degree u can live anywhere where u feel satisfied.
so think a while about all these matters.
i advise for last one if u r free from any family sentiments & having a great goal in attaining a great status in the society.
all the best for u r future.☺
I really won't know so dont take me too seriously, but i think studying in the US would be a good idea, and if you can get a job there easily than you will soon make the money you lost.
If you don't mind leaving your family and everything, I would pick going to the USA or Canada. Like you's easy to get a job here.

If not that, I'd stay in Singapore.
Which one would help you get the best job? I would go with that one no matter the price (though price is important), as long as it has a good engineering degree and thereof get a good job.
Sorry, I'm no help. :-P
qunkedar, go with what your instinct tells you is right for you, only you can make that decision my friend!!

Good luck whatever you decide!!

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