I am desperate student whom like to finish my studies by all means?

Question:I'am looking for someone who can adopt me and bring me to her /his country and let me study there.I can give my personal service to that person If she/he just help me about my personal problems.I'm 24 years old, male. looking for great opportunities.I'm willing also to change my surname if someone will just help me to support me in my studies....

My young friend,
You strike a familiar chord. I too have wished for similar opportunities decades ago.
Such things have happened, and will happen again. But will it happen in your case?
India today is a country of opportunities. Although the grass is green in distant pastures, look nearer, closer to your own place.
It is better to rule in hell than to be a servant in heaven, some great man has said. Do you really want to be another Faust, selling yor birthright for the good life? Or do you think it better to accept your circumstances, your country, region, parents and work within that framework? The second fifty years of Independent India is the time to be an Indian. Great things have happened in the past ten years; greater things are in store for us. I would urge you to be part of it.
If it doesn't make any sense to you, search the net for adoption agencies. Keep in perfect health; you never know what your adoptive 'mother' may be looking for!
I don't know which your country is, but there must be some scholarships there...check these links:

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