College in another country? Well I'm trying?

Question:Is it weird to go to college in another country? I don't think so.
I am in United States of America but going to the University of Toronto(that's in Toronto,Ontario,Canada). If you have any information on Canada, such as:
different customs
price differences

and any others that is completely apperciated.

Love always,

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I'm Canuck and I went to school in Seattle.

There aren't any particular custom differences. It is a little more PC here though. Just keep your head about you and enjoy the beer. Most here will drag you to a hockey game (considered romantic by some) and be prepared for Spring. The world tends to shut down over winter and everyone goes batshit in the spring with BBQ's.

Prices are about the same. It was 5 and a dime for pint in the US and it's a five and dime here. If you want lower prices for food, hit the farmers markets (yep we have them), way cheaper than the grocery store and fresher. The weed is good too, lots of decent home grown.

Canada learned alot from the scotish immigrants. How to be cheap when getting a deal and from the Italians on how to have a fantastic spread for friends (it's the cooking and effort). If you are in trouble pray for an irishman to show up because they are animals. If it's an irishman have a joke handy to get them to buy you a beer and be your friend next time.


Don't worry, you'll have a great time. I had a great time in Seattle, I miss it on the odd day now and then. Mmmm, sam adams, delicious beer..

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