How can a learn a scholarship providing me free studing in the UK/USA during my last year in high school?

Question:Hi I'm a Bulgarian hard-working student dreaming of studing abroad.I want to get a scholarship, covering all my expences.Can you help me or advise me how to get one-laying an exam,applying with an essay or some other ways?
Thanks in advance

You will need to find an exchange program that operates in both your country and your country of choice. You can begin at, which has a listing of all programs certified to operate in the U.S.

Unfortunately, Bulgaria does not seem to be on the list for any special State Department scholarship programs. However, if you have access to a Rotary International club, they often offer scholarships for programs to the US (not sure about the UK).

Good luck

Edit: To Ken -- what an awful thing to say! This person in no way, shape or form indicated he/she was "abandoning" his/her country! Thousands of students annually take an exchange year in a different country to enhance their skills (especially language). This by no means makes them a "traitor" to their country! I would suggest if you have such ideas, you need to find someplace else to post OTHER than study abroad.
Don't know
You can try the US! As for the UK, you have no chance of getting free tuition and all expenses paid. Also, if you manage to get a Bulgarian degree, it will be downgraded if used in the UK. It will only be valued as a Diploma. Another problem you will face in the UK is you will not be entitled to any social housing and / or benefits and if you need to work, you will need a Work Permit, which is not easy to come by. Your best option is to stay in Bg, get qualified and help develop your own country instead of being a traitor to your nation and wanting to abandon it when it badly needs skilled people.

To Beth - You should try living in the UK! Over 1/4 million White British are leaving the UK each year, permanently. This is because the UK has been invaded by spongers, criminals and those that want a "FREE" and easy ride at the expense of the white British tax payer. If he had mentioned "WORK", I would have had a different opinion. However, this guy wants to come to the UK (or US) for "FREE" and expects "ALL EXPENSES" to be paid. A good friend of mine is a Bg and she's a teacher in the UK. She had a terrible time just getting here. She didn't expect anything to be "FREE". She stayed with me and my daughter for 18 months before she had to move due a change in job. When she was studying at a Uni, in the UK, she worked nights and weekends and paid her own fees etc. She struggled but is now reaping the rewards. In addition, she was honest enough to say that she wants to come and teach here for a few years before returning to BG, as she did after working in the US. This guy doesn't mention returning thus making it clear that he won't, if he can get a free ride. Bgs like him are the ones that have made it so difficult for many other Bgs. I'd suggest that you read the question properly and understand it before attacking those that criticise the intentions of a "FREELOADER". Maybe you are one yourself and that is why you support "Freeloading"? He claims to be "hard working" and yet all the Bgs that I know are "hard working" and have not claimed a single penny from the UK taxpayer. They all contribute to our economy and pay their due taxes. They work to pay for their expenses, even if they are at college / Uni.
Go to Canada and declare refugee status. Take sanctuary in a church and before you know it, the department of immigration will let you stay. Then you can simply walk across the border into the USA.
Simple enough for you?
You can try It's very useful resource for scholarships.

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