How to overcome difficulties in study?

Question:l have to hand in essays but l can't do it. l have to reference everything but l feel stupid. l did research a lot but it doesn't seem relevant to my point. Now l'm very discouraged and depressed. l really wanna give up. How can l overcome my problems?

Please don't give up. I think alot of students go through what you did. When I was in school, alot of my work are done mechanically, as in, I really did not have a big clue what I was doing, but just did it and met the requirements anyway.

You have to start somewhere. Students put things off because they find it hard to do, but when you get started, even if you do not understand how to complete it, you will plod through.

Take a deep breath, relax for a while, get your mind fresh and go back to study. Read and understand thoroughly.

Good luck!
Ask your instructor for some guidance in research methods. Perhaps there are some journals they could suggest.

How are you referencing your work? Here are the rules, depending on what system you're using.


Try these links:

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