Before I go to school I need to have a language class, spanish or french?

Question:In french I am going to honors and in Spanish I'm just goin beggining. So I need to choose what language I'm gonna go this year so in order to do this say at least 3answers 2 y u pick that language, beside that its easy, hard, use for business and college....Thanx!

Spanish because it will get you further in the hiring process (if you are in the US). There ar emore spanish speaking people than there are french.
French is beautiful, but in the US, Spanish is of practicality. Plus, if you take Spanish, you'd be trilingual.

Go with the Spanish.
spanish will benefit you more than french will because there are sooooo many non english speaking latinos in the US that will neeed lots translation. plus, i took french and it sucks.

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