How do i study for learner's permit test?

Question:i dont think things that i learned from driving school aren't enough.

and i can't find any good infos from internet. you either have to pay for it or it's all crappy

i have to get at least 85% to pass, which isnt easy
any ideas?

You should have received a driver's handbook when you went to driving school and if you didn't go back and ask for one. If they make a big deal just go to the Department of Motor Vehicles where you are going to take your test and ask them for one.

Once you have one, just study the manual. It seems like a lot of information but most of it is common sense. There are some tricky sections though. What I did was as I was reading the book I noted which things were not common sense as well as the amount of feet or seconds you have to do something in advance, like signaling before a lane change. Then go back over that list and study. Most of it you will already know from being in the car with other people and common sense, but the stuff you don't know will be in one spot. Keep going over it all until it all makes sense.

I did that for 3 weeks before my test and I only missed one. They asked when it was legal to park blocking a driveway:
a. When it is your driveway
b. When it is someone's driveway that you know
c. You can never block a driveway
d. If you are only parked for 10 minutes or less

I though it was "a" because it's your driveway, but the answer was "c". Hope that helps!
My dad got a New York driver's manual and he passed. Just google this and you will get it.
(the state you want to take the exam) driver's manual.

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