How much a year does it take to raise a averge teenager?

Question:I want to go on a foreign exchange program and I want to show my mom that its about the same price with the food and clothes and such. So how much money does it take to take care of a average teenager?

Your reasoning is a bit flawed here. It IS more expensive to go on the program than it is to be living at home, because your parents still support you while you are overseas!

They still buy your clothes, your host parents won't. They still provide medical insurance, your host parents won't. They still cover all your school expenses, your host parents won't. PLUS there is the program cost! AND the fact they will need to send you money for your other personal expenses while you are there.

The better way of going about this is to talk to your parents about fundraising. Any good organization has lots of ideas and helps for raising the money to take an exchange year (you can see all of those certified to operate in the U.S. at or ask your school counselor). Rotary also offers low cost exchanges if you are qualified and many other programs offer scholarships. You can also tell you parents you will get a job so you can earn the approximately $150-$200 a month you will need for "extras" while you are there.

THOSE ideas will get you much further!

Good luck -- an exchange year is a great experience and colleges LOVE exchange students and many show it with preferred admissions and some additional scholarship money.
just tell her its a litlle less if not the same
If you know it's about the same price, then why are you asking?

You could find stats on an "average" teenager but your family might be in a totally different situation. You could be much lower or higher than the average. I would sit down with your mom and talk to her about what she thinks it costs to raise you, then compare that to the cost of the exchange program. Asking for her input instead of just handing her some random dollar amount will show more maturity on your part and will make you look better to her, which will help your chances of being able to go. Good luck!

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