Can you please explain the process step by step to this math problem?

Question:the price of a $1.50 candy bar is to be increased by 20%. what is the new price?

I know the answer but do not understand the steps of figuring it out... this is what I do understand multiply the price by 20% so $1.50x 20 over 100 but this is where I get lost... what do I do to get the answer of .30 and the outcome comes to $1.80 I am very serious... so please if you can explain to me this process I will have a better understanding for the accuplacer test I need to take.

word problems --everyone hates them. The key to getting them right is to always use the units attached to the numbers. In your problem: dollars.

SO you get the process of multiplying the original cost by the amount in order to find out what 20% of the orginal cost is, then you add that value to the original cost in order to find the new cost.

So 20/100 x $1.50 = (20 x $1.50)/ 100 = $30.00/ 100 = $.30 )not just .30! Thirty cents. Then that thirst cents needs to be added to the original $1.50 to get the new cost.

When you keep the units (dollars, miles, inches, etc) attached to the numbers, you'll have an easier time keeping track of where you need to add or divide. And you'll avoid doing something silly like adding inches and miles or trying to divide dollars by cents. Units much match and when you keep them straight word problems go much easier.
Price times rate increase gives you actual amount of increase: $1.50 times .20 = .30 (The increase is 30 cents)
Price plus increase give you new price:
$1.50 plus $.30 = $1.80
First you take 1.5 x .20.
You have to have the decimal or it will be $20.
This will give you .30 which is 30 cents.
Then add the 30 cents to the $1.50.
find wat 20% of $1.50 is first

when dealing with money, it's always ez to keep everything in cents if the value is under $10 and then convert it back to dollars once ur done

so 20% of 150 cents

150 x 0.2 = 30

and since ur adding (increasing) the base price by 20%
ujust add them

150 + 30 = 180

180 cents = $1.80
Well if you got the answer of $0.30 just add that to $1.50 and you get $1.80.
Do not panicate!
1.50 x 20% = 1.50 x 20 over 100 = 0.30

1.50 + 0.30 = 1.80
the candy bar is 1.50. to find 10% you move the decimal point to the left once. it will be 0.15. then multiply it by 2 to get 20%. 0.15(2)= 0.30 1.50+0.30= 1.80
1. to get 20% of $1.50, multiply $1.50 by .2 (which is the same thing as multiplying by 2 over 10, but takes out the cross multplication so you get to skip a step. yay!)

2. take the amount you get from doing the first step (which should be .3 (30 cents, in money terms)) and ADD that to the original price of the candy bar ($1.50).

3. your total is $1.80. seriously, though, what a ripoff! who charges that much for a candy bar? even king size bars are, like, $1 at target (only 90 cents for me, though, because i work there.)

good luck. (can i have 10 pts. please? you know i deserve it...)
This is what you are doing: The price is being increased by 20% of the current price. 20 over 100 is the same as 20%. So you have $1.50 x 20 over 100, which gives you 30 (the result of the multiplication) over 100. 30/100 is equal to .30 or $0.30. You add the $0.30 to the $1.50 to give you the new price of $1.80.

There are a number of ways you can do this question to arrive to the same result. You can also multiply the $1.50 by 1.20 (the 1 represents the original price and the .20 is the 20% increase) and it will give you the new price in one step.

Good luck with your test.
One of the things that may be confusing you is converting 20% to 20/100 first. The easier way to convert percentage to decimal values is to just move the decimal point left 2 places. For instance; 20% becomes .20, 45% becomes .45. Then it is just a matter of simple multiplication to get the amount of the increase and adding that amount to the original cost.

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