About Study in Ireland?!?

I'm undergraduate girl from Saudi Arabia , i was think about join to the scholarship of my country , i'm so confuse about the country which i've go to study in it..
but they give us a list of which country we've to choose : UK,Irealna,USA.CA,Jaban,Korea, France,Spain,Austuralia,NewZ,I... and Chain.

I would like to study "Computer Science" , i get 88.97 %average in high school and my English langauge is better than other student, but they have a high average than me...so they have more chance than me

the question here,,if i choose the country which have less student they choose it ( thene the chance for me will became bigger) like Ireland or Jaban !
will i doing good? specially i hear that the study in Irealnd in there Univerisites by Irish Langauge!
is that true?
where i can find a university which the programme studied by English in Ireland?

please answer me.. i'm worry sick >_<

Cinderella - 18 years

Go to ireland, its the best place on earth.
Hve fun, and good luck!
Don't worry, we study through English in university in Ireland. We do learn Irish in school as a subject, but you don't have to do it in college unless you choose to.
You'll be fine in Ireland. English is the language of instruction at colleges and universities.

Also, college students in Ireland love students from different countries.

Most colleges and universities have Muslim Societies. In my old college GMIT, the chaplaincy was very helpful with the society helping organising a room for Salah.

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