Im Going To School In London, and i Have Some Questions?

so hopefully ill be attending college within London for a study abroad program. Im outstandingly excited but there enjoy been some thins that crossed my mind. if anyone could answer any of them i would truly appreciate it!

My US cell phone will obviously not work so is it possible for me to find a plan that will work in London? Im gonna have need of my phone

Will i be able to attain a job near? im gonna need money for living sure my parents will dispatch me money but i have a undertaking here so i think i will entail one.

thank you vey much!

Answers:    WOW! I'm so envious!

1. Call your cell phone company and ask them. They will tell you what your option are.

2. You will definately be able to obtain a job in attendance.

Your US cell phone won't work, as it is. You'll either inevitability a different phone, which is unlocked, and you'll buy a local SIM card in London, or you'll want to adjust your current plan to allow you to use your home phone overseas (and you may need to buy a unmarked phone, depending on your phone's tech). This last is a a bit expensive option. Most inhabitants buy an unlocked phone, either within the US or abroad, and use a local SIM card. Look into your option.

If you have a student visa, you are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week within the UK quite justifiably. And jobs - restaurant type, usually - are available.
If you're planning to use your cellphone to christen your friends in the will be VERY expensive. Recommend you look into alternatives (Skype, for instance. Or only just using much more email / IM).

Living costs in London are extremely soaring. Recommend you save as much as you can very soon, in skin you have problems finding work.

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