I am an undergraduate and i want to join university in the USA..I need help please?

I am an Egyptian undergraduate, and I would like to join university in the USA. I need suggestions about which university is good for me, so I will write down an outline about the university I would like to join, and I hope someone can help. :)

1. I want a university in / near to NY or NJ.
2. Affordable price
3. Doesnt need high SAT Scores
4. Accredited university with good reputition
5. I want to study Mass Communication or Film making.

Please anyone HELP. =)

The best schools require high SAT scores and are expensive.

You may have to settle for a second or third-rate school, one that does not have a good reputation or may not be accredited. Even places merntioned, like Rutgers of SUNY are going to be very expensive for you since you have to pay out-of-state tuition which is really high. Also, state-run schools do not have notable film departments, with the exception of UCLA mentioned below.

You put yourself at a disadvantage by desiring to be in NY or NJ. Educational and living costs are higher there than anywhere else in the US. I suggest you try to find a good university in the Midwest or South. Easier to get in, and cheaper too.

NYU has an excellent film course, but you'll need good SAT scores and lots of money. Perhaps the best film schools are in California at USC and UCLA, but they also have high admittance standards and are expensive.

The NY Film Institute has special courses in both NY and California (and other places like London) that last from a few weeks to a few months. No SAT, but they are fairly expensive. Their reputation is just so-so... probably not that good, but you can gain skills with them.

I think your points 1-4 are not realistic. You can have any of those 4, but you can't have all of them.



You would love Brigham Young University. Is in UT but there are such few international students that they love them. I was one.
im so sorry but all schools need high sat scores

sorry for late reply i'm too busy gooddluck and god bless

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