How much it will cost to become a commercial pilot in U S A?

Question:Is it cheaper any where in the world? In India it costs about
Rs.18 lakhs i.e $45000.

Both of the posts above are incorrect!
1) Foreign students may still train in the USA, however they must get a background check and be approved for a special visa. Additionally, they can ony fly at a school approved to instruct foreign pilots. Find out more about the "Alien Flight Training Rule" at

2) It doesn't cost $100,000 as posted unless you are doing a university program as well.

Yes, it is generally cheaper in the USA but depending on the school one pickas at can range anywhere from $35,000-$85,000. The higher end programs are often a rip off though. They take advantage of students who don't know it can be had cheaper.

A school that should be on the approved list is ATP. I suggest checking out their program as it is at the bottom of the price range. ($40,000)
as well as Mesa Pilot Development

As an aspiring pilot in India, I suggest
Yes, it is less expensive in the U.S., but you MUST become a citizen first.
You are better-off staying in India for two reasons. First, after September 11, 2001's events, foreign students are no longer allowed to fly in the US. Second, even if you were allowed to fly, you would have to be prepared to spend well over $100,000 to complete the visual and instrument ratings, commercial (single-engine), and multi-engine ratings. You would then need ratings in all jets leading up to airline jets. You would need at least 1500 multiengine PIC hours to be considered for a job.

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