Canadian Exchange Student?

Question:I'm from Australia and in my final year of schooling. Next year I'm spending my "gap year" in Canada as an exchange student with Student Exchange Australia. If anyone has any pointers on things to do and see in Canada, subjects to study at school and what to wear that would be great. I'm going from the end of January until the end of December.

I am a canadian and it would be really helpful if you can tell me which provinces or cities that you are going to.
Things to do in Canada: If you are into scenery, theres Jasper and Banff park in Alberta, it is really amazing. Breathtaking views. Theres also the Hockey Hall Of Fame in Toronto, great way to learn about hockey. You can go watch a CFL (canadian football league) game or a Major League Baseball game (the Toronto Blue jays).
If you can tell me what city you are gonna be living in, I could tell you things to do there, clothes to wear etc.

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