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Question:I am looking for a way to get educational grants. I am not going into college but it is for a different eductional reason. I have the chance to take a trip this summer with a student ambassadors group and it is $4,000. With a grant, it would be cheaper. Thanks.

Sounds like a people to people thing to me. While it's an ok program, you're better off to save your money and take a year exchange instead. It's much more worthwhile both financially and with the other benefits you will receive. People to people is a glorified vacation.
talk to ur local bank.
umm maybe, Astrive Student Loans
I think you can get a grant from the government, just not for that purpose. You're better off just trying to raise the money some how. You can raise 4K I bet.
Get a loan
No problem. Where do you want me to send the cheque? I'll throw in a couple of thou for expenses as well.

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