Freshman year abroad or not?

Question:I have been going to a german school in America for 12 years. When I graduate this year I will be 19. Do you think the first year at an american colege is worth my parents money? And will I feel awkward with all the younger, beer-chugging freshman?

A lot of that will depend on the school you choose. There are colleges out there that are not 'party schools'. Granted, yes, there will always be those kids exploring their new found freedom in all the old ways, but, you can also find a rich cultural experience. This is where doing your homework will come in handy. Find out everything you can about the area where your prospective school is.

Hope that helps, and good luck.
Go for it!
it will be a new culture for you but its also a new culture for other 19/18 year olds that will be starting freshman some will embrace it some will hate it. The only awkward feelings would come is asuming that everyone will be 18, which is grossly untrue, and will be into beer-chugging even if you do go to a party school that will be also grossly untrue. Look at Swarthmore and other smaller schools sometimes even american students assume this and feel awkard because they don't look beyond that sterotype.

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