Boarding School Help!!?

Question:I need someone to help me find the perfect boarding school I am 14 in 9th grade and really want to go to boarding school.
My e-mail is please contact me or answer to this question if you can help me find a boarding school

hi. some really good boarding schools to consider are
phillips academy
phillips exeter academy
deerfield academy
choate rosemary hall
hotchkiss school
taft school

these are other boarding schools but i don't know their sites:
st. george's
st. paul's
northfield mount hermon
blair academy
Why did you put in your email if you didn't want anyone to email you?

Which country to do you live in? I could suggest a lot of boarding schools in my country, but if you live somewhere else I wouldn't be very helpful would I?

Why don't you do a search on Google?
******* idiot to be doin that sack of ****

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