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Question:Hi to all! First off, I would like to introduce myself as an Asian, specifically from the Philippines. I was just wondering, can anyone suggest of universities or websites of universities that would help me look for scholarships abroad? By the way, I'm going to be a university undergraduate next year aspiring in taking an engineering course. You see, education in the Philippines is not of good quality and I would like to maximize my opportunities as possible. I'm planning to apply for scholarships upon application(most preferably) in the countries: U.S.A., U.K., France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or any western influenced country with people who are inclined to english as a secondary language. Thanks alot for the help and I hope you would respond positively.


Unfortunately there are no scholarship given by Australian universities for international students.

I strongly suggest that you visit for Australian Government scholarship programs.

Good luck on your study :)

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