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Question Details: i want to study child education in Australia for 2 years. I like this country. But I don't want to get an Australian accent. However, Studying in the UK is expensive. Is there any 2-year child education course in the UK? My British teacher told me it is difficult for her and Americans to understand Australian spoken English. Someone told me not to worry because as a Chinese it is not so easy for me to get an australian accent so quickly. I find that British accent is easier for me to hear and understand. I am afraid I would learn Australian accent unintentionally and speak like them. How to avoid this? And maybe it is difficult for me to understand their accents when comparing to British and American accents.
Should I not study there? Any advice please?


I used to be an international student in Australia and have been living in Melbourne for over 16yrs. I got friends from everywhere including Australian, Chinese (from mainland and others), Malaysian, Singaporean etc. What my experience told me is, if you come to an English speaking countries only to study in uni level (not started in high school), then it is very unlikely that you will adopt the country's accent. Yes... you will pick up maybe a few Australian slang/words that pronounced differently, but I reckon you will be able to adapt if you move to another English speaking country again (eg UK or US). I've got Australian-Singaporean friends who keeps talking in their "Singlish" (Singapore-English accent), Malaysian and Chinese with their own accents as well even though they've been living, studying and working in Australia for years, and not b'cos of not mixing with Australians at all. They all either came for uni study or migrating for work. The ones that come since school tends to speak more with Australian accents (eg. Vietnamese refugee children).

Mind you, from what I've been told, Australian accent is uniform across Australia. In UK, you'll have all different accents like Scottish, Irish, England and so on. So does US, as different states have different accents (that's how they can tell the hometown of different ppl) like Texan drawl (cowboy style), African-American, Spanish etc.

I take it that you want to go back to China to teach after graduated. Then it is no problem at all. I got Australian English teacher when I was still in high school in my home country and never have problems in understanding at all. B'cos when teaching, all teacher (and I hope including you in the future) tends to pronounce the word slower and clearer to make the pupils/students understand better. So it doesn't really matter what accent you got. I even got Indian (from India) English teacher at some stage. That one is a bit hard to listen to :)

Hope this helps. E-mail me at mikegun(at) if you have any further questions abt study in Australia. Good luck for your study.
i was out there in w/a ..for years ,and you will pick up the accent after a year or so .without realising it ,when i came back to to see my mum ,my brother also came in from bermuda,/a sister from wales ect .my mum thought she had the united nations round her table ,iv been back a while now,and still have some accent @trying to lose it too,
I think you needn't worry too much about picking up accents. I know of one or two people who have come back with thick accents after relatively short study periods in each of the countries you mentioned, but they intentionally did.
It is relatively easy to concentrate on improving your accent any time during or after your studies. Find people there who speak with clear accents and try to hang-out with them as much as you can. Australia is full of English people ('Pommies').

English isn't, and never will be your native tongue, if you end up sounding like it is, you've done extremely well.
Australians are so much like the British
the British can't stand em lol

I've been living in Australia for nearly five years now (I'm originally from the UK)

I'm still called a pom and still have my UK accent

oh their spelling are the same as the UK also but the meanings are slightly different not much

if your strong minded you will not end up with their accent

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