After B.E, Which is valuable? Doing M.E. or M.B.A.?

Iam not sure ... but i can help you with an example . i know somebody from my neighborhood who completed his M.E from a reputed institute .. he then worked for MNC at very good designation with a very good pay package ... after few years of working . he went to U.S and completed his M.B.A again from a very reputed institute .. now he is just in his early 30's and is top executive with internationally renowed IT company in U.S . you can just imagine what money he must be earning and facilities the company is providing to him . i can only say follow your heart and liking in subject you wish to study . money will come automatically ...
Valuable? What do you value more?
It all depends on whether you wish to study Engineering in greater depth or you want to work in a corporate world to make a good income.
After all, we DO need to make money ,to make a living! What are your values??
it depends on what you did in your B.E. and your interest
for example if you have done c.s.e. there might be not much scope to learn in M.E. otherwise you have to join some good university where you can do some research on some advanced topics.
but when it comes to other branches they have very good specializations, and definitely will be helpful for the career.

i hope it helps.
Valuable? Define me valuable then... If its in the perspective of money... go for MBA, a white collar executive job in MNCs awaits u. Wen its gonna be to knowledge do ME and scrutinize up ur career path.

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