A Level Exams?

I'm from Latin America and I want to study at the Nottingham Trent University. I did my AS level exams in my country but they are not enough to reach the requirement standards from the University. My question is if I could repeat my exams but now in A level somewhere in England and where could I present them?
*I have the needed AS grades to be able to do A Level
*I can not present the A Levels in my country (they are not available)
*I still can not make a Foundation Year because my grades are not enough to receive my certificate but I still want to repeat them until I have nice perfect grades.

Well you could opt for a school in Nottingham for the obvious reasons. With a nominal AS entry to 6th form needn't be too difficult. With the A Level system currently in place(due for revision) 3 more modules per subject will have you complete the A2, this normally takes a year. If you need to improve on your AS grades as well, decide which modules you could've done better in and repeat only those!
Hope this helps!
i dont know about yr problem
but if u help me in my problem that it would be a great plessure
i m from england and i want to do my colledge in us
unviersity of minneassota
so being a foriegner can i study in it
u can contact me on ketchup_fun@yahoo.co.uk
Ok, not entirely sure of what your question is BUT:

Local colleges and 6th forms in Nottingham to do your Alevels are:

Maybe that will help, try calling them and speaking to one of the tutors to explain your problem.

Or you could retake your qualifications you have in Latin America?

Or look at a different university? In the area of Nottingham which is in East Midlands, you have DeMontfort University, Leicester University, Lincoln University, University of Nottingham - have a look at http://www.ucas.co.uk

Good Luck! x

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