Foreign exchange/ study abroad?

Question:I am looking for a good foreign exchange program to Spain. Anyone know what the requirements would be and know of some good ones? I'd appreciate it lots!

This answer applies if you are a high school student...

Rotary is the cheapest, but is more competitive and requires additional responsibilities. You can find a list of all of those certified in the U.S. at You should also talk to your school counselor and see which ones he/she recommends. An organization is only as good as the local people.

Basically you will have a gpa requirement, but I don't think it's too terribly high (it will be higher if you are applying for scholarships) and you will go through an application and interview process to be selected.

Good luck!
If you're a college student, two American colleges - Suffolk and St. Louis Universities - have campuses there. That facilitates transfer of credits easily, and makes it more likely you'll be able to get transcripts whenever you need them. It also means you can study there without speaking Spanish!

The requirements for both include being matriculated student in a US college - you simply apply to be a visiting student there.

The Complutense is the best uni in Madrid if you do speak Spanish. However, outside 'visiting' at an American school located there, your best option is to find programs run by your own college.

If they do not have one, they may let you go on *another* Uni's program. For example, NYU's programs are not restricted to their own students. Plus, their program allows you to get transcripts through NYU. (I mention it twice because it can be a problem if transferring or applying to grad school)

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