What are some foreign exchange student programs for fifteen year olds?

I am looking for a foreign exchange student program that will allow me to live with a host line (for just the summer). I found a couple, but they are for the academy year--which im not interested in.

I want to live next to a host family close to in a country contained by england or italy (anywhere in europe)

Answers:    Hi,
I agree beside the other poster, if you limit yourself to in recent times a summer program, you lose many of the benefits of human being an exchange student -- mainly the culture and verbal skill immersion. If you are just in that for the summer, it's more of a holiday and not an academic experience.

If you dance for a whole year, or at tiniest a semester, you will be studying in a different terms -- and you will truly learn it! Also, colleges and university LOVE exchange students and often proffer them preferred admissions and sometimes funding money. On top of that, the language you swot will benefit you in the workplace as very well, with a highly developed salary, especially if you protract that training through college.

All of this equals a much bigger "bang for your buck"!

As to finding a program, you can look at www.csiet.org. That site list all the programs certified to operate surrounded by the U.S. You should also ask your high institution counselor, as an organization is with the sole purpose as good as its local representatives. Generally, Rotary is the cheapest, but most competitive, and AFS, Aspect, 4-H and YFU are usually ability programs as well and volunteer scholarships.

The best time to move about is your junior year. Then you can work your credits easier (your school will furnish you credit for some of what you do as an exchange student too, but get it within writing) and will have adjectives the fun of your senior year and graduating beside your class.

For lots of info on being an exchange student, check out http://www.exchangestudentworld.com/ -- a site written by exchange students for exchange students!

Good luck -- and PLEASE consider the longer program!
Why do basically want to go for a summer? Do you really focus that you can benefit from just 3 months. Typically you see this within college but not in the HS plane. If you only want to step for three months you should see what other programs are out there through Rotary or through your academy or church.

We had a foreign exchange student from Russia and he stayed August through April. He really integrated into our home and we are still close.
Hi. You should look up about AFS. They own year programs and summer programs too. I was an AFS student backbone in 2005-2006. AFS is famed throughout the world.
If you live in the US, nearby should be an AFS chapter in every states even surrounded by Alaska. Have fun searching.

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