Hi!! exchange students?

Question:Can anyone tell me some information about exchange students, maybe some good links, and other stuff, please. i would really want to be an exchange student.

There are a ton of links out there for various organizations. You can find the list of those certified to operate in the U.S. at www.csiet.org. You should also talk to your high school counselor because the organization is only as good as its local representatives.

The German teacher (above) was right, you should go for an entire year and go where you need to learn a language. Language immersion is one of the biggest benefits to an exchange year. Colleges also love exchange students and often offer preferred admissions and sometimes scholarships.

The best time to go is your junior year -- that way it's easier to make up any credits you might have missed AND you still have the fun of your senior year!

Here's a website for you to look at, it's still under construction somewhat, but a former student that I hosted is doing it.
Some of it is still in Swedish, but we're working on that!

Good luck, this is a great thing to do! Hard, but worth it!
I would suggest to go for a year - not just a summer or semester. Trust me.

A few sites to check out:

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