HIII... HELP me PLZ!! DO you Know good excuse to answer to Immigration about attendance??

Question:I am international student in Australia. I had problem with my attandace, and its less then 80%... What should I do? Anyone PLZ help me to find good excuses, that i could give to Australian Imigration and My UNI.. Excuses that logical...
I appriciate your help.
Thank U


Mate!! What happened? You really are in trouble man!! You know the rule but you still not attending class! Partying hard aren't you?!

Definitely dun follow the first answerer, as you know that as an international student, you can only work max 20hrs/week which means that you still got plenty of time to come to attend classes. You might use family problems in overseas as an excuse (parents getting divorced, father/mother gravely ill), but you can't keep using it. I'm very sure that the truth abt your non-attendance will not be in favour of your uni/immigration, so that's why you are looking for support in this forum.

If you think that you still want to stay in Australia TO STUDY and it looks like you are definitely in trouble then contact immigration lawyers to help your case. Just prepare the money. Some that I can recommend as follows:

Hope this helps. PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE dun do it again. It doesn't do you any favors to your future study & career at all.

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