How do foreign employers look at foreign degrees?

Question:For example, how would a US employer look at a degree from a foreign institution and visa versa (a foreign employer and an applicant with a US degree)

With a lot of bias! If you have a UK degree, most countries see it as a higher qualification than a US degree. If you have an Eastern European or Russian degree, Western countries degrade it to a diploma, even though the chances are that it's probably a higher qualified degree than both the US and the UK. Apart from National bias, it can also depend on the individual Uni. If you hold a degree from Oxford or Cambridge, you are almost guaranteed to work anywhere in the world, regardless of how stupid you really are. As for the US, a place like Yale will open doors with US controlled companies, NGOs etc. and yet the same applies. Many dumb people come form the likes of Yale as many dumb people come from Oxford. As for actually looking at a degree, in most cases, for top jobs it's more of a school tie gets you the position rather than your skills, qualifications and experience

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