Can i bring my cell phone along when studyin' abroad?

Question:now i'm livin' in vietnam, but next month i'm goin' to study in vancouver, canada. is it possible that my phone works just fine?

It has nothing to do with your phone, it's your sim card and the type of connection you have.

Check with your phone carrier and find out if it's an international connection. If not you can pay more and they will give you a sim card that will allow worldwide connection but be warned it will be very expensive to send and receive the long distance calls.

It may be simpler to just get a new phone here in Canada, if you sign a contract for a year they will give you a new phone for next to nothing. Or buy a pay as you go phone.

Welcome to Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia is a beautiful place.
yes ey
Yes you may. Just contact your service provider and tell them that you will be going abroad and they can set up your phone where you will be able to make and receive calls while in Canada. There are additional fees that usually comes with that though!
you can take it but it depends on what service provider you have and if the sim card works. For the most part you can get a phone in the location your going, and just pay enough for the time you need
I dont see why not,BUT you will be charged an international rate. for every call dialled and received. and SMS too.

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