About the schooling of Australia.?

Question:I plan to study here after I get married.But I am not a citizen.I may get a spouse visa and study during the Temporary Resident.So,I wonder how my schooling count.Overseas or resident?Because I know both of schooling count are different.And,shall I prepare something or certificate if I study here(AU).Thanks.


Congratulations on your wedding!!

If you are applying to study in Australia after you got your Temporary Resident (TR), then you will be treated as local/Australian.

Unfortunately you did not mention what level have you done now and what do you want to study so I can't tell you anything more. However bring all your academic transcripts from all your studies (high schools, college diplomas) so when you are applying, at least you got all the documents ready for the admissions staff to assess.

Hope this helps. Good luck on your move and study. Welcome to Australia :)

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