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Question:Hi there, I am going to start college in a month. I am going to study business HNC and after that try and get in to university here in the uk. But I'm a little scared because English is not my first language and I haven't studied for years. Just wondering if anyone have any idea if its hard to study Business HNC in college, especally when english isnt your first language? Also wich HNC is best to study? Buisness and managment or Administration and Information Technology? Thanks

HNC is a very valuable qualification that is taken mainly by mature students, still in work and studying part time. It is a vocational qualification and also provides a good basis for university study because you are expected to be able to learn by yourself with guidance - not just constant teaching and listening.

There is quite a high drop-out rate on HNC courses because it is a hard act for some students - working, studying, bringing up a family all at the same time. About one-third of enrolments leave the course before completion. Students who get to the end of the course have a very high success rate; about 90 per cent. In that sense, it is a demanding course for adult students with all the pressures of ordinary life, but it is not difficult in the way that school-leaving exams are difficult. Assessment is based on the principle of letting students prove what they know, not what questions they can't answer.

Of the two courses you mention, the Business & Management will be general and include modules in human resources, finance, economics, statistics, business planning, marketing and so on. The Admininstration with IT will be more specific and lead to a qualification that could give career options in business technology. Either will be acceptable for admission to most universities, with exemption from Year 1 and maybe also from Year 2 if it is a similar course, such as BA Business Studies or BSc Business Information Technology.

Your English looks fine from your written question so don't worry too much about that. Anyway, a high proportion of university students in business and admin come from non-British backgounds, especially in new universities. Lecturers know how to guide students for whom English is the second language.

Best wishes.
You should choose a major that you like best, something that you know you really enjoy studying...I think...try these links:
I don't know what to suggest as a answer but going on how you typed your post/question so well I think you'll cope very well. Good luck!.
your post is very good, i'm sure you'll do fine. if you don't understand something in the class, then after the lesson or when everyone starts working ask the teacher to explain again. If you are that unsure, then carry an english - (your language) translation dictionary in your bag, just in case until you get your confedence.

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