Can a non citizen of usa avail to study in their public school?

Question:im a filipino and my aunt is in usa.She is already a citizen there.

If you can get a student visa to stay in the U.S. for an extended period of time, and you live with your aunt, then you can enroll in the public schools near her.
yes ..i am pretty sure
You need to look into the F-1 visa process through the U.S. state department. That would require the school you wish to go to accepting you, and possibly tuition to that school.
Are we talking about college/university-level school or school for younger kids? "Public school" here generally means grades K-12, which are for students aged 5-18.

If you're talking about K-12 education, yes, if you can get here to live then you can attend school here. Our public schools have to educate everyone of the proper age who lives within their geographic boundaries, regardless of citizenship or legal status.

If you're talking about college/university, then you will need a student visa, as another poster mentioned. Often a good way to start is to find a school or schools in which you're interested (do some online research) and then call/email their International Students Office. They should be able to help you figure out the requirements specific to candidates coming from the Phillipines.

Good luck!

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