Help! School starts soon and I haven't studied!?

Question:Help! I'm starting school again next week and I haven't done ANY of my summer school work! I'm thinking I might study all week but I'm not sure if that will work. Any tips or advice? I'm worried!

1. Collect all of your study materials.
2. Organize them in a way that makes sense to you, whether by difficulty, subject, importance, or whatever works.
3. Take one pile at a time. Get a cup of tea or coffee (unless this will distract you).
4. Sit down, look over one subject at a time (just perusing), and then dive in. It will get easier once you get into the flow.

If you focus on what you have before you and what you need to get done, it won't be such a huge undertaking. You may need to give up on some social things, but one week of concentrated work won't be so bad.
Relax, get into it, and finish without stressing yourself. Good luck!
just start studying.
YEAH, i have advice for you,YOU should of not had procrastinated all summer long. now your S.O.L
You know the answer. It's to start studying NOW. The only reason you're on yahoo is to procrastinate some more. Talking about studying is not studying. C'mon, get off and go study. We both know you should.

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