How is study like in USA?

Question:I am a foreigner And would like to move there

The first thing you may discover is that teachers in USA very likely will have no knowledge of your first language, or more probably have none of any foreign language.

This may present some difficulty in relating many English idioms, or common expressions, to your language.
In your studies of English, I'm sure that your teacher can more fully explain these in your language, if they are difficult to understand.

You didn't state your grade level. If you are in high school, you may find many similarities to your own studies.
Usually the teacher follows a constructed routine, devised by the "School Board" in the local district. This means that they are to follow the schedule and guidelines layed out by the Board members.
They try to follow the chapters of the text books in a timely manner and order, and try to complete the book by the end of the school year.
This timed schedule often leaves some students behind who have not absorbed or learned all lessons or chapters by the end of the year.
Unfortunately, many of those students are promoted to the next grade level, regardless of their proficiency. This is done many times because our schools are overcrowded and if too many students are held back, it increases the problem. The student is the loser as his/her lack of education is continued throughout his/her schooling.

You would find that homework is required in most schools. At the present time there are some States that have stopped home work assignments in their schools.
It's debatable whether that's good or bad. It remains to be seen.
I personally think that a class of 30 or more students cannot all absorb everything presented to them in a 45 minute time span. This will leave some students farther behind, in my opinion.

If you are in college, you will discover that lessons in the class room are typically "Lectures". Students are encouraged to take notes and later study or research any references given by the Professor. They have much more freedom to teach their own curricula in colleges, sometimes, with their personal agendas. When that is discoverd to be extreme personal agendas, they may be chastised or dismissed.

I'm no longer in school but these are things I have observed.
it's not as hard as many other countries and they have smaller classes. The environment is somewhat bland.
What it is like is an extremely objective thing. It depends on where you are from and where you will study within the US.

Each state, or even sections of a state, can vary vastly. For example, take Texas: It is HUGE, and there are many different cultures, environments, ect. You could be in West Texas and get a taste of the true "red-neck in the desert" side of Texas, or you could go to East Texas and see the beautiful landscape and southern hospitality at it's best.

Research the States (and the Schools in those States) you are interested in, and find out what the culture, land, food, nightlife, ect. is in the various areas of the State. Then make a short list out of those that are more in-line (or opposite of - depending on what kind of experience you want) with your culture, needs, ect that you will be more comfortable with.

The US is a large "melting pot" (to use the popular historical term) of many different cultures and landscapes. Each person's experience in the US can be completely different depending on their origins and destinations. My advise is to research until you find a University and State that will best suite you.
Its not as hard as some people think. I think it is much harder in my home country.

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