Grad school abroad?

Question:I'm an international studies major with a focus in international relations. I've just switched majors and I'm doing a little bit more research into the field and what my options are after college so I'm not living in a box.

But I do know that I wanted to go to grad school in the United Kingdom, more specifically Scotland. I was wondering if anyone was aware of possible grants or scholarships for international majors abroad and some other careers that I might not have come across? I would really appreciate the help! I'm excited about the change!

There is the Rhodes Scholarship, but that's to Oxford, in England. Still, it's quite prestigious, and probably worth a look on your part.

The Marshall Scholarship is also highly prestigious, and that's more flexible, in that you can attend universities throughout the UK. Links for these two, below.

I believe that the Scottish Executive (their gov't) does offer a limited number of "Scotland Scholarship" for master's level study, specifically for foreign students. I know for a fact that they offer it to Australian students, so wonder if they may not also have one for students from the US (or wherever you are from.) Link to their main page, below.

St. Andrews, a fine Scottish university, offers a scholarship for foreign students. I've linked to Marist College's page on this, below, as a first step in your research on this one.

You can also check with the British consulate in the US and see if their government offers any scholarships for foreign students to study in Scotland.

Lastly, you should also check the webpages for the universities you're interested in in Scotland. If they are like Oxford, some of their constituent colleges may offer scholarships for foreign students.

Nice thing about Scotland, too, is that once you graduate, you can stay and work in the country for up to two years, as part of the "Fresh Talent" scheme.
check edinburgh university for more information too. its a very good school too. click link below.

also click the link below for more schools and universities in scotland. most schools give information on scholarships and grants available.

hope that helps.

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