Cheap 'Study Abroad' Programs?

Question:Okay, well, I'm a high school sophomore in Florida, USA, and I'm hoping to study abroad (preferably somewhere in England or Ireland).

I know those programs cost thousands of dollars, but my family isn't made of money. All I want to do is a summer course abroad, and I'd like to know if there is a government agency with which I can register that will pay the majority of it. Any other info on cheap programs is also welcome.

Thank you.

I'm sure that there must be scholarships available, but I'm not familiar with any. Try asking a counsler at you high school. Another thing, all of the programs I loked at online (England only, I didn't look Ireland so you might check that, though it's probably the same) required you to be at least 16 and have completed your junior year, so you wouldn't be eligible yet.

If you wait until college, it's easier to afford. It's still expensive, but you can apply for lots of scholarships. Besides, you are already paying for college anyway, so it's not THAT much more expensive as long as all your credits transfer.

Good luck and I hope I was able to help! :)
YFU offers a summer scholarship to Finland ... most expenses paid, you still have some of course, including a $500 co-pay. It's a cultural exchange, so you don't need to speak Finnish!

There are other opportunities to Japan and other countries as well, with no language requirements from YFU and other organizations.

For a list of the organizations certified to operate in the USA go to You might also check with your school counselor.
You need to find out if your school has an AFS chapter. AFS stands for "American Field Service". It's a program that got started back in WWII I believe, as a way for kids to learn more about other cultures so that there wouldn't be future war. Okay, enough about the backgrounds. I know that they offer summer long sessions. If your school has a good AFS chapter, they might even be willing to help defer some of the costs. I know that my high school always did that. They give you the option to travel pretty much anywhere of your choice too. Check out their website and see if it is something you'd be interested in.
we have a student counseling centre in dhaka. we can advice you about some of the colleges in london and can give you an opportunity of earning good additional money along with your education. you may contact
The Rotary Exchange...there are no program fees, you just have to pay for travel and any spending money you need while there.

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