I am MBA (Finance) from India but now located in US. What would be better option for me to pursue?

Question:Should I do CPA or CFA or some accounting so that I can start earning immediately? Can I get job based on my MBA in India? I have 5 years of experience. Can anybody guide me here? I will appreciate that. Thanks.

If you understand the GAAP and the basic accounting rules we use here, there's no reason why you can't start getting a job now. Employers may not be quite as familiar with your schools, but since you have 5 yrs of experience, you can talk about that and show potential employers you have many skills and your degrees are worth the same as if you'd got them here.
Unfortunately, MBA from India will not be widely accepted here in the states. if you want to to do CPA, you might want to start somewhere first and get some experience while studying for the CPA. and CFA tests can take months if not years to complete. I don't know what kind of experience you had in India, but it might help you land a job here.

In any case, you should find a job first relating to your background. Because it doesn't matter if you want CFA, CPA or going for MBA again, you will need a job for experience and money.

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